Looks like I'm not going anywhere.

2009-05-07 19:15:54 by SockMyDink

At 5/6/09 11:30 PM, EyeLovePoozy wrote:
I'm not going to talk to anybody about anything. Everybody is ignoring you because I have told them that you are a waste of time. You have been given more opporotunities than you deserve. I permit you to post with your alts until I catch you trying to "shower yourself" with fame by "showcasing" your past faggotry.

I may delete all of your alts. But sockmydink is mine forever because you want it. Make another acct and walk away from your past. Quit being a fucking cunt man. From what I have gathered over time you seem to be alright guy and a decent poster. I don't hate you. You are just on my radar because of your past actions and I WILL NOT allow you to continue.

Change your habits and walk away from your past or I'll just pwn and ignore when you cry about it.


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2009-05-07 19:24:14

Wow. Poozy sounds like he's a pretty fair guy.

SockMyDink responds:

Wow. themanthelegend sounds like he's a pretty fair guy.


2009-05-07 19:29:05

He's an asshole!


2009-05-07 19:36:54

Poozy's cool, as are most of the mods. People just hate them because they ban them.


2009-05-09 12:20:24

Looks like you just got sonked in the dink!


2009-05-18 18:19:42

Irony is when sockmydink gets sock'd in the dink


2009-05-19 02:45:45

i have one question, Why are you doing this?


2009-05-25 15:30:10

you look like a faggot so shut up

SockMyDink responds:

Cheap shot.

Not me, anyway.


2009-05-29 19:36:47

It would be funny if this was another trick.


2009-06-18 03:48:32

lol owned


2009-06-19 00:00:25

what is it with poozy and permabanning people for shit they did ages ago?


2009-06-19 12:35:21

What the flying fuck?