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My response to Twilight95

2009-03-13 21:28:54 by SockMyDink

I will make this PM available to the public, and hopefully I will get some mature insight from users and mods alike.

Feel free to contribute anything else to this meaningless argument.

At 3/13/09 08:48 PM, Twilight95 wrote:
: Hmm, well this is DeJaVu because I remember you trying to make your return after having all your alts deleted, and all your threads consisted of were you saying how much you sucked Wade's dick to stay here and you're so happy he left you with a spanking after you made an ass of yourself in numerous threads related to Poozy.

Funny, I don't recall. You sure this was the same guy? Could you provide a link or some concrete evidence? As far as I know I haven't said shit about Poozy are Wade until today. Again, you take things and blow them wayyy out of proportion.

: And every time you tried to make another thread about the same shit: LOCKED/DELETED. Because no one cared, and you rushed to the VG Forum for some form of attention and respect because the General was showing you no love. Because I don't know what I'm talking about.

I haven't really made any topics in the General because nothing was really interesting or deemed topic worthy. And mind you, not every fucking topic I make is complaining about mods or admins, you overgeneralizing cunt. I only attempt to contribute to the welfare of the BBS, so this place doesn't become yet another 4chan. I love Newgrounds, and it's probably my favorite site. I love all the hilarious and fresh content, and I love all the users that make it special. But I hate cunts like you who stereotype users like me.

: I was planning to kill myself right after another original hardcore badass made a crack on my username.

Again, blowing things out of proportion. I was trying to make a crack at the creepy gothic undertone of your username, but I guess I have no ground to stand on by having possibly the dumbest username out there.

: Because no ones over done it, and it took me by surprise when you mentioned this. And the only one here who needs psychiatric help is you, seeing as you tried to kill yourself numerous times and made crap threads because no one here likes you....

Hahahah, going in for the kill aren't you?

Listen kid;

1. I need psychiatric help? Are you fucking joking? I think there are other more disturbed and possibly psychotic users here, and I'm the least harmless of the bunch. I deal with my problems, and I'm not afraid to take shit from anyone (which is why I'm wasting my time arguing with you). I think you are referring to the thread where supposedly I committed suicide (it was not my idea, mind you), or you are just talking out of your ass. As if you know more about me than I do...

2. No one likes me? Awhh, why would you say that? You trying to hurt my feelings? You want me to log off and cry? Or are you just fucking retarded? I do get less respect to some degree, but that's only because I brought it upon myself. Believe me, when I'm not pissed off I can be quite enjoyable. I don't need shitty e-friends when I am perfectly satisfied with my social status now. And no, I'm not just saying I'm popular because I'm trying to back myself up. I am nothing in real life like I am on Newgrounds, and I'd probably already be dead or drugged up if I were.

3. Run off to the VG forums? Hah, I wish. I only post there because it's an area of interest and I can actually contribute something meaningful there, unlike here. Not because I run off when I get flamed, you autistic bastard.

: At least I lived long enough to see you fail hard yet again.

Could I have someone else who isn't a twat tell me where I completely failed here? As far as I know I only voiced my honest opinion, then you jumped in and stirred a bunch of shit. Quit being over dramatic. It's the fucking internet kid, who gives a shit? I'm so comfortable with my online security I'm willing to make myself look like a complete ass. PASDFOPAWI$ETUQ@A$#UJ%TAQ@#HRTASDFDSA

By the looks of your posts, I see that you contribute little to discussions unless you are arguing. You are the cockroach of General, and this place shouldn't just be just another stat-whore lounge for you.

: Off to the VG Forum you go.

I'm quite content here, actually.

: Hopefully you've constructed another crap photoshop about you and your butt buddies owning people in video games.

Hah, I assume you're talking about the picture on my blog, no? Metaldart made it, because I'm an unoriginal cunt and it made me feel meaningful.

: And that's a wrap.

The one thing I do agree with; I'm fucking done arguing. I've only been a hypocrite by wasting my time with someone of the likes of you. I feel like I'm in a battle of logic and charisma, and the only way to get out is to quit.

Hopefully you actually take the time to read through all this, but chances are you will either:

A. Skim through it and try to find any 'incriminating' quote that you could use to retort against me.
B. Play it off like I'm acting like a crybaby or a whiner.
C. Continue to attempt to belittle and insult me, and continue this pointless tirade.

I'm not going to respond if you decide to choose C, because I have better things to do than to sit on my ass on Friday and argue over apples and oranges.

That thread was derailed completely too, btw.


Here I am, yet again, contradicting myself. I can't come to terms on how someone as smart as you could be so... stubborn and cocky. Fuck me for trying to patch stupid shit up, right?

I'll be as brief as I can.


At 3/13/09 9:49 PM, Twilight95 wrote:
: Gagsy's Public Apology to Poozy

That thread was before I got locked out of my account, back in the days where I was a trolling dipshit.

: Oh if it isn't related to the Video games, all of your posts relate to Poozy. That thread that was made about the BBS being crummy, you strolled in and made stupid rants about Poozy for no reason.

There you fucking go again, overgeneralizing. Fuck off and do some research you stupid shit.

: Oooooo, shaking in my fangs.

Wasn't threatening you.

: I have no problem with people who love the BBS. And since you're posting this in a thread which will most likely be deleted, you want me to look like the bad guy.

You sound butthurt and you attacked me out of nowhere for shit that wasn't relevant. I have every right to be pissed off. You're living in the past and holding grudges that aren't necessary.

: Like I've stolen your precious candy that you hold onto with your life, but not tight enough so I don't get a grip on it. You're just some attention whoring jackass who will do anything for the General's attention, like argue with someone named Twilight and try to act cool by making a wise crack at their username. AND THAT. Is why I hate you.

You think I'm trying to get attention by arguing with you? How fucking self-absorbed can you get? Until today I have never seen you post or even heard about you. No one knows who the fuck you or, or gives 2 shits about you. If I were attention whoring, I would have made my own thread about it, not refuting to some dipshit who thinks he is the better man by acting like an internet tough guy. You fucking start it, I fucking finish it.

: Twilight95? Gothic? Because of Twilight. And I said I was going to blow my brains out because you mentioned Twilight. And stop trying to put on the innocence "oh i want to stop this lets stop and be friends stroke my sympathy cock mmm". No.

What the fuck? Use proper syntax, I can't really see what you're trying to say here. I said you should kill yourself for the benefit of everyone around you, and it wasn't meant to be taken seriously. Take a chill pill.

And quit acting melodramatic. I don't hate you, and I will forget all about this later. I'm not trying to look like the good guy.

: Weren't you the one who said psychiatric help first? Yes you were. And if you're wasting your time then don't make a thread about this, because it will wasting your time even more. You know exactly why you PM'd me. I do too.

Yes indeed I was. You mentioned having a bunch of suicide-assisting shit with you so I boldly jumped to conclusions. Not meant to be taken seriously. I want to PM you to try to understand why you're acting like a fucking butthurt 13 year-old fag.

: Because you said so yourself. Read everything in Slap's thread, then realize that you are now contradicting yourself and need no help in look like an ass. I could just say lololol at this and I'd still look more mature.

There is a difference between self-deprecation and thinking everyone hates me. I know that some users have extreme dislike towards me, but I know some great users that I've met that back me up when needed. I'm not some emo crying that no one likes me. Quit taking things out of context you little shit.

: Making a thread is contributing. That's all anyone ever does on the BBS, I don't see how the VG forum is any different.

Psshh. You don't need to make threads to contribute, and you must be a sad little kid if you think so. Your posts are short and spammy, whereas someone like Corky52 puts some effort and provides us with something more profound than the shit you do.

: Now if you are reading this, kids of the BBS, this is what we call irony.

Oh do please tell me where the irony was in that statement. I am dying to know. You do know what irony is, don't you? Mr 'I-use-big-words-to-make-myself-look-s marter'.

: We'll learn about this in chapter 13 after we cover "hypocrite".

You're hilarious; the funniest person on the BBS even. Now look up 'sarcasm' and tell me how you feel, you dipshit.

: Stat whore? Because I post a lot I'm a stat whore. Explain why I haven't leveled up.

You obviously are either retarded, or you don't know the meaning of stat whore. Or should I call you a post whore? That would be more appropriate. Or how about attention whore?

: So quit complaining.

I have every right to voice my personal dislike towards something. Don't fucking read what I write then. How about that?

: Yep.

Could you try to not intentionally leave shit out that you can't think of a logical comeback to? Please?

: And inviting me to respond and then tell me I'm wasting my time because you weren't going to read it was a jackass move.

I did read it. I read every single word. But I didn't force you to respond, in fact, you didn't have to read it at all. I'm hoping of knocking some sense into that little head of yours. Personally, I'm tempted to come to that 'NY meet' you were going to, and see if this 'tough guy' act still holds up.

: Now I'm not going to be a little BlazingIce and spam your userpage. Or block you.

BlazingIce? I also assume you mean Blaze-Heatnix? It's cool between me and him now, so don't worry about being like him. No, I'd prefer it that you keep this shit going, because now I'm banned by Poozy for 30 days so I have all the time in the world to respond to your incoherent rambling.

: And I'm not going to be a little me/you and post this in my newspost.

Because you know that you're argument holds no ground and you have the brain capacity of Terri Schaivo.

: I'm leaving this alone because you are by far the most ignorant fuck I've ever laid eyes on.

Cool, nice talking to you bro.

I'm posting this too, btw.

Tl;DR Twilight, you fucking lose.

The Circle of Awesome.

2009-01-07 21:09:36 by SockMyDink

Edit: LTMatt is on his man period right now, so as of February 11th, he has officially been exiled from the Circle of Awesome.


The Circle of Awesome.

My Hands Are Clean.

2008-12-07 14:51:31 by SockMyDink

That's it, I have officially worked things out with Wade. No more will you guys hear about my complaints about Admins and mods. Expect the same, pissed off person as I was before. I have no problems anymore.

On a sadder note, Beaver-Beaver has officially been deleted. Sorry guys, it was part of the deal.


I <3 Jonas

Note to self.

2008-09-04 18:02:28 by SockMyDink

Don't even fucking try anymore.

And don't piss off Wade.

Note to self.


2008-08-28 15:50:51 by SockMyDink



2008-08-27 18:49:53 by SockMyDink

Come on people.

Were you really fooled?

My List of People on Newgrounds

2008-03-06 16:48:47 by SockMyDink

Greatest flash video ever, you should all fucking watch it and you'll be on the cool list.

Since it appears that I have a questionable number of 'fans' (SARCASM) I have decided to make a list of people who I find cool, and those I find just plain annoying.

I will update this from time-to-time, so feel free to insult me whenever the hell you want.

BlueHippo- One of the few mods I respect, and most importantly, I look up to. He is awesome.

kylexthexpostman- Now, you aren't as bad to talk to, and I actually am surprised at how mature you are. You are a pretty neat guy.

GamerDakota- You are the one guy that made me realize that people actually pay attention to the stuff I do. It's an awesome feeling.

Jake- Again, I had the sudden realization that I wasn't completely ignored, and now I have warm fuzzies inside me. I can't believe that I got remembered, and I'm starting to miss my older account (MrTutorial). I know it doesn't seem like a big deal, but it really is for me. I can't explain my happiness I am feeling right now.

Corky52- My good ole' Ouija Board pal. Cool guy.

Frank- Where the fuck can I start?
1. You act like an immature fag.
2. You are severely (painfully) unfunny, and you fail at everything.
3. You get the coolest opportunities. Go die.

WilliWowza- Again, I don't know where to start. I guess it's that you whore yourself out at every opportunity you get. You also seem to have a problem with your face in every picture you take. You look like Derek Zoolander if he just sucked on a lemon.

Xavon- I really don't want to be too harsh on you (after that suicide thread) but you and me had a big religion feud via PM System. I really don't want to get into it because arguing about religion is retarded, so I'll leave it at there.

RadioactiveRabbit- You were the douchebag who, just like Frank, is extremely immature and annoying. Your attempt at responding to my PM was way beyond pathetic. Again, I don't want to get into the argument, but you really need to work on some shit. You make me feel like strangling a kitten.

BigFuzzyKitten- Speaking of strangling a kitten, BigFuzzyKitten should be fucking castrated then mutilated. I honestly hate anything who thinks that they are 'clever' enough to start a crew. Anything that is a spin-off of the Clock Crew is just fags who desire attention, and the only way for them to get attention is to spam. Pathetic.

The Kitty Krew is truly the asshole of Newgrounds. You guys are just pussies sitting behind a computer screen, thinking that they can say what they want. Well, if I ever saw you in real person, I would fucking bash your kneecaps out and get a local priest to rape you.

Viewtiful-Chris- I can't think of a single person who can tolerate your prepubescent shenanigans. Look, we can all see that you crave attention. You suddenly developed the biggest fucking ego ever, over some shitty lip-syncing video. Do you honestly think it was front-paged because it was good?! I hope you realize that not only are you too young to be exploited over the internet, you should just cut the shitty 'I am fucking amazing' act.

FrozenSheep [1]- Yes, you can draw.


SuckMyNick- Be more creative with your name, you faggot.

DragonsGrief- Jesus fucking Christ, could you be anymore of an over-dramatic attention whore? No one fucking cares about your depressed, melodramatic fucked-up mind, or what you are dealing with. We all have problems, but for some fucking reason, you showcase every little detail.

I'm sick of hearing your crying and bitching, so go choke on your small, shriveled up penis and end your suffering so we don't have to deal with your shit.

Excellent Find, on my behalf.

2008-03-03 19:40:54 by SockMyDink today/%2D%20New%20Folder/come%20sail%2 0away%20%28tankman.swf

I now have proof that;

1. I used to go to Newgrounds, and did have an old account

2. I did used to make TANKMEN Parodies.

I can't believe I dug this up. This was my old TANKMEN: Come Sail Away video. I love this! Hahahah.


TANKMEN: The musical

2008-01-09 18:06:10 by SockMyDink



Please submit to TANKMEN collection.

Please please please.

Attn: Newgrounds

2008-01-02 21:11:50 by SockMyDink 8380

I feel like a douchebag jackass.

That is all.